We summarise stage management as the coordination of everything that happens on stage, backstage and in the control room, taking into account the needs of the show and the people involved, which are based on a precise schedule.

All of this is done with a background in technique, logistics, team management, etc.

As you can’t do everything and you have to concentrate on what you can do, it is important to delegate this aspect of your event.

We can go even further with TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT, playing a crucial role in the pre-production phase of your production. From drawing up technical plans and budgets to checking equipment lists and plans, requesting quotes from technical partners, etc.

/// Our mission is to save you time, energy and resources that you can use to grow your projects or work on others.

Focus on your know-how, and delegate your technical and logistical organisation to go further, faster.


One of our specialities is the conception and technical creation of live shows.
We regularly develop and create concepts or put your ideas into images, using audio and visual technologies, as well as our know-how in stage design.

The creation of lighting is one of our strengths.


BE STAGE has developed, in collaboration with software and console designers, a 3D virtual show creation studio, so that we can turn your ideas about concerts, shows or other events into reality, while being able to control them with the consoles that will be present on the day.

This does not always replace a physical residence useful for rehearsals, but it allows you to go further, faster.

Technical files
& plans

The lighting plans, the layout in a hall or on a festival site are a basis. They are part of the engineering work that we had to master.

The technical file, alias “Rider”, or the requests for authorizations, the travel books for the material, etc, form a set of documents that we master so that an organization is fluid on the “D” day.

You can contact us, even if you just need a map or a rider.


In 2014, BE STAGE created its training centre, which quickly became operational, welcoming several dozen auditors every month. Whether it is for introductory training, specialisation in audio or visual techniques, or obtaining driving licences for lifting equipment.


Over the years, we have delivered our training courses all over the world, and we have clarified what we want to pass on to you, based mainly on the ways of doing things or the tools we use every day :

• some desks/consoles,
• some design software
• top sending
• safety patents,
• etc.,


which together make the best stage managers and technicians.

When we’re not backstage helping you coordinate a show, we’re creating with you, editing plans and training the next generation of stage managers and technicians.
Because it is in the field of live arts that we feel at home.