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Coordinating productions and managing the technical and logistical aspects of shows are our strengths. Just as much as creation.

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Lighting and production design is the creative and technical process of planning and realizing the visual aspect of a show using lighting, sets, costumes and other scenic elements. It contributes to the overall audience experience by creating atmospheres, moods and visual effects that support and enhance live performances.

For some years now, we’ve been involved in visual and aural scenography, designing and creating original shows.

Stage managers are responsible for managing on-stage and backstage activities during performances or events. They oversee the smooth running of rehearsals, stage setup, set changes, etc. Stage managers work closely with artists, technicians and production teams to ensure that every performance runs smoothly and on schedule.

The production manager is responsible for the practical implementation of decisions taken by the executive production team. This includes managing tour logistics, coordinating travel, accommodation, meals and schedules, as well as supervising the technical crew and on-site production. The production manager is often the main point of contact for suppliers, venues and local crews, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Executive Production is responsible for the overall management of the tour or event. This involves overseeing all aspects of production, including planning, budgeting, logistical coordination, contracts, negotiations with suppliers and stakeholders, and strategic decision-making. The Executive Producer works closely with artists, agents and production teams to ensure that all the elements are in place for a successful tour.

Technical Management is responsible for all technical aspects of the production. This includes the design and installation of sound, lighting and video systems, as well as the management of all equipment and technical resources required for the tour. The Technical Director works closely with the production teams, designers and technicians to ensure that all technical elements are in place and functioning correctly.

The site manager is responsible for coordinating and managing the site-related aspects of the event. This may include facilities management, security, transport logistics, coordination with local authorities and external suppliers. The site manager ensures that all the necessary conditions are in place to welcome the public and ensure the smooth running of the event. This position is often dedicated to outdoor events such as festivals.

Would you like to create or develop your skills in the performing arts or, more broadly, in events management? We’d love to hear from you.

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When we’re not backstage helping you coordinate a show, we’re creating with you, editing plans and training the next generation of stage managers and technicians.
Because it is in the field of live arts that we feel at home.